Local Savannah Georgia Eggs

To order/pick-up your fresh, local chicken and duck eggs from our backyard flock, please email thehomesteadkings@gmail.com with how many you’d like and when you’d like to pick up (day & time window).

More Info 🥚

Each dozen will be comprised of both chicken and duck eggs on an availability basis.

Payment: It is $6/dozen, $8/18 or $15/30 which can be sent through Venmo, PayPal or by cash or check. OR if you have extra veggies you’d like to give the girls as treats, we are happy to barter. Just as long as they are safe for their consumption.

Here’s a list of safe treats to give you an idea: https://thehomesteadkings.com/2022/06/04/appropriate-safe-poultry-treats/

Treats can be put in the green cooler if there’s no room, beside it.

What to do with your eggs: We suggest putting the eggs into your refrigerator where they will last for quite awhile. We try our best to make sure no cracked or spoiled eggs make into the cartons, but please let us know if you get a spoiled egg and we are happy to replace it. We do not wash our eggs so as to keep the bloom (protective outer coating) in tact. This means you may get some eggs with a little dirt, straw & dried poop on it. They’re perfectly safe, even more safe than if we had washed them, but we do recommend washing directly before use to avoid debris getting into your cracked eggs. Learn more about why/when eggs spoil here: https://thefrugalchicken.com/do-eggs-go-bad/

Bonus: If you’d like to return your carton or bring us more cartons, we’ll take $1 off your next dozen! (To clarify, $1 off no matter how many cartons.)💰

Join the weekly egg memo where regulars get first dibs on the week’s available eggs here >> https://www.facebook.com/groups/771125883864497/?ref=share

Thank you for being interested in our ladies’ local eggs! 🐓 🦆

We hope you enjoy your eggs!

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