Meet The Kings

Hey y’all,

We’re the Kings (hence the name). We are by no means the masterful kings of homesteading, but we do our best to simplify our sweet, little life in Savannah, Georgia.

How do we have a homestead in a coastal city, you ask? Being born and raised here, we were determined to combine our love of our hometown with our love of animals and gardening, and so we did, on a quaint 4 acre oasis about a mile from the Intercoastal waterway. Husband insists that we call ourselves the King farm, but I dare not insult real farmers by calling ourselves a farm. We’re more like hobby homesteaders.

We stay happily busy caring for our four horses, one miniature donkey, 15 ducks, 10 chickens, seven guineas four dogs, three cats and one little girl. We find joy in all of them whether it be purely a source of entertainment, a bonding relationship or fresh eggs for breakfast. When Husband agrees, I hope to grow our little homestead with goats, geese, & honeybees, but all in good time.

I’m not always the most consistent blogger, but when I’m in the mood to write and share, I must! So, we invite you to follow along with us on our simple journey. We don’t live solely off our homestead, but simple contentment does grow in abundance here.

– Kira

The Redhead Project

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