Our Big Idea

Want to know a secret? We have a BIG idea!

Everyone has goals and dreams. In our early 30s, we have been blessed and worked hard enough to achieve so many of ours already, but there’s one we call, “Our BIG Idea.” It’s a pretty big one. WE WANT A FARM, BUT NOT JUST ANY FARM! Our dream is a farm that employs Special Needs Individuals! My sister Rachael has special needs. She is now an adult and is not having the easiest time finding her place in the world, but she excels alongside animals and in the garden! Our dream is to find 5+ acres IN Savannah, Georgia to farm and sell our produce where she and other individuals like her can thrive. We know it’s a BIG IDEA, but it’s a 5-10 year goal. In the meantime, we’re saving all we can to purchase a farm for Rachael. If you’d like to donate to this BIG IDEA, we thank you! You won’t get a tax credit because we are not a non-profit. We’re just a sister and brother-in-law who see a system that isn’t set up for one of their loved ones and want to do better. Rachael deserves better.

We’re starting our goal for $100K, but land in Savannah goes for well over a million… We’re ambitious. We know. But, with focused mindsets and the generosity of others, we just might make a difference. Donate Here.

This is our special duty, that if anyone specially needs our help, we should give him such help to the utmost of our power.

Marcus Tullius Cicero
OUR MISSION: To provide an inclusive space where developmentally or physically challenged adults can learn, work and thrive.

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