Meet The Kings

Hey y’all,

We’re the Kings (hence the name). We are by no means the masterful kings of homesteading, but we do our best to simplify our sweet, little life in Savannah, Georgia.

How do we have a homestead in a coastal city? Being born and raised here, we were determined to combine our love of our hometown with our love of animals and gardening, and so we did, on a quaint 4-acre oasis about a mile from the Intercoastal waterway. ⚓️

We stay happily busy caring for our two horses, one miniature donkey, ducks, chickens, geese, guineas, five dogs, four cats, and one precious little girl. When Husband agrees, I hope to grow our little homestead with a milking cow & some honeybees, but all in good time. We are in the process of building a thriving food forest to supplement our raised veggie gardens. I have a weakness for blueberries, knock-out roses & hydrangeas so those dot our acreage in abundance. We’re slowly adding to our perennial edibles and love the fresh new challenges that our annual veggie gardens present to us every year. The pandemic helped speed up a few “one-day” things I’ve always wanted to try, so I’m finally starting to get the hang of bread-making (it’s SO good 🍞), preserving our harvests (fermented, in the freezer, dehydrated or pickled) & making our own jams. We’re not ready to sell anything, but it’s a dream of mine to one day have a little driveway market out front with art, produce, jams, eggs & maybe a few plants. 🍉

Honestly, we flip-flop between wanting to keep our little simple life private and wanting to share it with everyone interested in this way of life! We’ve learned so much since we started this way of life & have a lifetime of learning ahead of us. 🙌

I’m not always the most consistent sharer, but when I’m in the mood to write and share, I must. So, we invite you to follow along with us on our simple journey. We don’t live solely off our homestead, but simple contentment does grow in abundance here. 💚

– Kira

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