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  • We came up with FIVE super important things to keep in mind as you homestead, renovate, or project alongside your spouse. Join us as we talk homesteading as a couple.  As always, thank you for joining us! We're so glad you're here. […]
  • It's a good question. Should you make your homesteading venture a business or just let it be a part of your life without bringing any money in? There are a few things to consider before taking the plunge into a homesteading business, […]
  • What does having a child(ren) on the homestead look like? It doesn't have to be a world of chaos and checking boxes. With a little structure and presence of mind, it can be a beautiful, quiet growing time rooted in God, nature, […]
  • Prepping, being prepared, food supply, and more are words and phrases cropping up into modern language more and more nowadays, but what if we told you that you don't have to have a doomsday bunker full of food in order to feel […]
  • In a culture where being a devoted wife isn't the norm, let's strive to lift our husbands up, honor and respect them, and have gratitude for the roles they play in our lives.  Blog post: https://thehomesteadkings.com/2018/07/06/why-im-honored-to-be-a-devoted-wife/ Website: http://www.thehomesteadkings.com [ music: Acoustic Folk […]
  • “Hey! I’ve heard you have [insert animal]. My [insert family member, friend, acquaintance] loves [said animal]! We’ll have to come by your house and see them.” Uh, why? Do you know how caught off guard I am when someone says this to me? […]
  • What do income properties have to do with homesteading? As much or as little as you want! Agrotourism is a booming business right now, and maybe you have a little spot you could make a rental on your homestead or farm. Or […]
  • Homesteading started trending at some point during the pandemic and hasn't stopped. We've all heard about the drones of people fleeing big cities to live a more rural lifestyle. You may even be one of them (welcome!). Homesteading is a wonderfully fulfilling […]
  • Yes ma’am. Yes sir. No ma’am. No sir. Ma’am? Sir? Children in the South are still taught these to this very day though it appears that it is starting to wane. Is it offensive or a sign of respect? So, why do […]
  • You can "homestead" from anywhere, but some things, like animals or an expansive garden, do require a little more land space. What are you looking for? What's your plan? What are your goals? What's your budget?  No matter what your homesteading goals […]
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