About that White Builder-Grade Vanity

My husband and I bought his mother’s house shortly before we were married last year. My husband had lived in this house since he was 3 years old and loves it, the neighborhood and all his memories, so we bought it with my full up-front disclosure that I would be changing everything- (and I do mean everything) to make this house our new home for our new family. That’s the back story.

After a year and a half of painting, diy remodeling, decorating- you name it- I have finally put a personal spin on the master bath’s white, plain Jane Home Depot vanity. It’s functional. It works. But boy did I hate that white, fake wood facade.

Solution: paint it! Now I’m not even sure if I chose the correct painting techniques, but I’ll tell you what I did. I primed it first. Then used some latex paint I found on the Home Depot ‘oops’ shelf, a real pretty medium gray and a dark sandy tan. I put the gray color on first. Streaked the tan on top. Then streaked the gray on top of those layers. I was going for a dark driftwood tone, and to my liking, it worked.

The tricky part is keeping this beautiful makeover nick free. Now I like a few nicks – gives it character – but too many on a piece like this, not okay. So? Last step was to put a few coats of a varnish on top of it. I don’t expect this paint job to last as long as my existence, but it will however last until I find that perfect size antique that will become my new vanity one day. All in all, I’m pretty pleased with it. It personalizes the piece so it now goes along with everything else in our home.

Below are pictures of the painted piece. I forgot to take before pictures (terrible about that) so I took a picture of our guest bath’s vanity… Still yucky. Please ignore the Start and Grow feed. I’m currently raising two chicks in a dog kennel in my bathroom. Only way to keep them safe from my zoo! (3 dogs & 3 cats lurk outside that door while the little ones happily chirp inside…)

happy projecting!




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