Upcycle a Mirror with Oysters

I had this great, sturdy mirror on our wall that I’ve painted, repainted and repeated the process I don’t know how many times. The latest color was white. I really like it, but I was tired of it being a plain old mirror. I wanted it to have some organic lines to offset the rigid, straight ones.

Solution: oysters!

Arthur and I went to Fernandina Beach for our anniversary in September. A relaxing day at the beach turned into me, eventually both of us, scrambling against the tide to grab the oysters out of the sand. They were gorgeous! I’ve been saving them for something special. I just of course wasn’t sure what that was quite yet. I sure am glad my husband finds me amusing! 🙂

Today when I took that mirror off the wall, it hit me. I’ll upcycle this plain mirror into a work of art that looks like I paid a few hundred dollars for! Not that that matters, but I did want my room to flow better. I’m happy to say that it most certainly does now.

I’m in love with this mirror… I already have an oyster mirror I made myself in college that is completed with oysters around each side which is in the dining room. This one had to be a touch different. Now I wish I had done that to the one from college. It looks so elegant! I roughed up the wood before I painted it to make the whole mirror have texture. This went from a thing on my wall that most nobody noticed to an absolute statement piece. I decorate my house with these two words in mind- “simple elegance”
This piece is simply gorgeous…

Hope ya’ll like it!



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