How To Make a Delicious Hot-Toddy

Every winter when the cold just gets to be too much or when one of those head colds comes along, we make ourselves hot-toddys. There are plenty of hot-toddy recipes on the internet, but I’ll share with you the best one I’ve ever made. It’s so easy and oh so yummy.

The Homstead Kings

These are your ingredients. If you have real lemons, by all means use them instead of the store bought stuff. I use Pure Leaf green tea because it’s so flavorful, and we love green tea. You can use whatever tea you like. The best part of this part of the recipe is that it’s adaptable. I wouldn’t change the next two ingredients though. It’s what takes this over the top.

The Homstead Kings

I’m using a clear tervis cup so that you can see the amount of whiskey (and go dawgs of course). I pour about half a shot of Fireball Cinnamon Whisky. You of course can add more, but I’m not the biggest fan of whiskey. I literally only drink it in Hot-Toddys. I’ve tried all kinds of whiskeys and bourbons for hot-toddys. The Fireball gives it that added cinnamon flavor and really does enhance the overall drink. Next add the tea and lemon juice. I keep green tea in a pitcher in my fridge at all times, so I’ll just pour it in the cup and microwave it, but you can make a cup of fresh tea for sure. I add about half a shot glass of lemon juice. I like the lemon juice to be enough to taste it but not overpowering and enough to cut that strong whiskey flavor.

The Homstead Kings

The next ingredient I wouldn’t skimp on is the honey. This isn’t just any honey. It’s Savannah Bee Company’s Winter White honey. It’s the consistency of cake icing. How much you use is personal preference, but definitely add it last. I put about two of these spoonfuls into the cup and about one spoonful straight into my mouth. I absolutely love this honey… I’m sure other companies make the equivalent to this thick, creamy honey so I would just check honey companies near you. If you can’t find it, Savannah Bee Company has a store on their website. Here’s the link to their Winter White Honey. Stir the honey into the hot tea, whisky and lemon juice until it dissolves.

The Homstead Kings

I told you it was easy. It warms you up from the inside and is a weekly staple in the King house during winter. This cup is sitting on real snow btw. Believe it or not, Savannah got an inch of snow this winter and UGA has made it to the National Championship hence the cup. Anyhow, that’s how you make a bomb hot-toddy!

Stay warm y’all.

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