How To Eat Clean In Walt Disney World

I’ll be honest. When I knew we were going to Disney World with my family for a week, I thought my clean eating lifestyle would have to be thrown out the window. We had purchased the Quick Service Dining plan. I was worried, so I did what any person with too much time on their hands does, I researched Disney World’s restaurants’ menus. If you download the Disney World Park app, you can go through a list or the map (I prefer the map because then I know where to head when meal time hits.) and see various dining options. They even have a filter you can turn on so that you just see quick service restaurants.

How To Eat Clean In Walt Disney World- The Homestead Kings
This is a screenshot of the Disney World app. I do not own this image or its contents in any way.

This is just a list of meals we ate and enjoyed, thoroughly. It is absolutely by no means an extensive list of healthy meals at Disney World.

In Disney Springs…

Make your way to the The Polite Pig. Order the Half Chicken meal. It has a citrus rub and is served with Jalapeño Cornbread, their signature coleslaw and one side. We got the Roasted Beets as our side. They were incredible, and for me to say that beets are incredible is really something. They come covered in a smoked pecan granola, goat cheese, yogurt and oranges. Husband and I split this meal. We were stuffed and perfectly content afterwards.

In Magic Kingdom…

Head on over to Columbia Harbour House for their Grilled Salmon. Yes, I said salmonFish from a quick service restaurant? Trust me, I had my own reservations about this, but I took a leap of faith that I was absolutely satisfied with in the end. This piece of grilled salmon is served with the most delicious couscous and steamed vegetables. I’m talking couscous so good that Husband quit eating his fries and started forking heap-fuls of it off my plate. The fish was evenly cooked and seasoned to perfection. I’m a sauce-girl, and the salmon was so perfect that I didn’t even think about pouring a sauce on top. We even considered going back for dinner that night to have this tasty meal again.

In Epcot…

Trek around the world to Japan. At the Katsura Grill, order… you guessed it… Chicken Teriyaki. It’s served with steamed rice (which I didn’t eat) and a mixed garden salad. When we had this meal, it wasn’t inundated with teriyaki sauce. The chicken was cooked just right, and the salad was light and refreshing. For a second meal, head to the Tangerine Cafe in Morocco. We got the Shawarma Lamb Platter. It’s served with a side of hummus, tabouleh (a little salad) and a couscous. It came with bread too, but I didn’t eat it. This meal is light enough to not feel too full but heavy enough to help you hold the alcohol you may or may not have consumed around the world.

In Hollywood Studios…

Stroll to the ABC Commissary for their Mediterranean Salad with Chicken. It’s tossed in Mediterranean Vinaigrette and served with hummus and pita chips. This was my least favorite meal out of all the parks. I would have preferred a different dressing I think, but my parents loved it.

In Animal Kingdom…

Head to the Harambe Market for really anything on the menu. I got the Beef and Lamb Gyro Flatbread and just ate the meat (partly because it was raining, and my flatbread got wet…). It has the traditional gyro toppings- lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers and tzatziki sauce- and is served with green papaya slaw and black-eyed pea salad, both of which were delicious. Husband got the Grilled Chicken Skewers, marinated and rubbed with African Spices. His meal was also served with the slaw and salad. He said it was pretty delicious, but he could have gone for a second meal afterwards. This could have been because he has a freakish metabolism.

At Your Walt Disney World Resort Hotel…

You can still check out their menu on the app! Obviously every menu for each hotel is different, but check it out beforehand and decide what you think you’d like. Our favorite resort quick service restaurants are Capt. Cook’s at the Polynesian and P & J’s Southern Takout at the Campsites at Fort Wilderness Resort (although at the latter we get fried chicken and cornbread…).

Fruit Stands

Disney World has done a great job of making fruit readily available for you. On the Quick Service Dining Plan, you are allotted many snacks. Fruit counts as a snack, so we took full advantage of their fruit stands. I know they have one in Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom because we stopped at those. I’m not positive about the other parks, but all you’d have to do is search the app. Of course they also have veggies and chips at these stands. When my little sister grabbed a bag of chips for her snack, we had to do a little redirection… to the carrots.

These meals combined with the 8-12 miles we walked a day made me actually lose weight after our week at Disney World. I remember way back when all you could get to eat at Disney World were floppy hamburgers and soggy fries. They’ve come a long long way in the food department just in my lifetime. And, let’s be real. Taking on Disney World with a full, happy stomach makes it that much more enjoyable.

[ I am in no way affiliated with Walt Disney World. My parents are Disney Vacation Club members and are kind enough to invite us on their annual trips. I received no compensation for this post. We just love Disney World, and I wanted to share the meals we enjoyed on our last visit. The restaurants could of course change their menus anytime after I tell you about all of these yummy meals. ]

P.S. Sorry for the lack of images in this post. I was scared D-World would come and get me if I used their images, and I didn’t take pictures of all the places or food we ate. If you google the restaurant names, you can see what their exteriors look like to get a better visual of where to go.

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