The Rules Of R.S.V.P.

Article written by guest writer & anonymous author, Mind Your Manners

R.S.V.P. is the abbreviation for the French phrase répondez s’il vous plaît. Its literal translation is “please respond.” Historically, many etiquette practices descend from the French.

Send Within Allotted Timeline

When you receive a handwritten or printed invitation, you are expected to respond. A written response is generally preferred, but a phone call may be acceptable in some situations. If there is a set date by the sender, it is up to you to send your response within ample time for it to reach its destination by the set date.

How To Respond

A proper written response to the invite says, “Yes, I graciously accept.” or “No, I regret that I will be unable to attend (and state your reason).” If you respond “yes,” make sure that you also make known whether or not you will be bringing a guest (if the invitation indicates you may bring one). If the invitation is addressed to you and your spouse, you still need to let the host know that you both plan on attending or not.

Regrets Only

This means that you only need to let the host know if you are unable to attend the event you have been invited to. Offer your regrets along with a good reason for why you cannot attend.

All invitations whether written or verbal require a response. If you are invited to attend anything, you are required to respond ASAP (as soon as possible). That is minding your manners. From a cup of coffee at the kitchen table (verbal response okay here) to a Presidential Inauguration (handwritten or completed response required here). It is imperative that you make your response known so that the host(s) will have adequate time and preparations to account for your attendance.

You can thank Louis XIV for the rules. Everyone wanted an invitation to his home at Versailles. 😉

Article written by guest writer & anonymous author, Mind Your Manners

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