The Easiest Leftover Mashed Potato Pancakes

This year we had so many leftover mashed potatoes from Thanksgiving that we were completely unsure what to do with them. We thought about freezing them which of course is always a good option, but our freezer is a little jam packed so I had to come up with another solution, potato cakes! 

You may have seen that I’ve mentioned here before that I am not a cook in the family. It does not come naturally to me, and to be quite honest, Husband enjoys cooking so much that it’s his outlet after work and a place where his creativity thrives. However, these are literally one of the easiest things I’ve ever made. I can’t tell you that I have any set measurements for ingredients because I just used what we had left over, but I can tell you that I was pretty nervous at the thought of having to “fry” these in oil. Luckily I had no reason to be nervous! It all worked out just fine, and we were left with delicious potato cakes at the end. 


– 2-3 cups mashed potatoes

– onions- I used leeks because we had some, but you could any kind. Depending on the type of onion you use will determine whether you sauté them first or not.

– meat- I used leftover ham. You could use Turkey or bacon.

– 2 eggs

– cheese- I’ll never give you a limit on cheese. Use the amount your heart desires! I used goats milk cheese, but Parmesan or cheddar would be tasty too.

– 1-2 cups flour- I used wheat sprout flour, but I’m sure any would do.

– olive oil or vegetable oil- in a easy squirt bottle if possible


1. Stir ingredients until well combined, gradually adding flour. You don’t want your batter to be soupy, but you also don’t want it to be too dry so adjust your flour amount as needed.

2. Heat a skillet over medium heat.

3. Squirt just enough oil to lightly cover the pan.

4. Drop a palm sized dollop of batter into skillet. You can dredge the batter in flour beforehand if you’d like. I tried with and without dipping it, and I preferred putting the batter straight in. Less messy. If you’re pan is large enough, you can do 2-4 cakes at a time.

5. Let the dollop fry a bit so that the bottom is brown and can easily be flipped. Then flip and smush it down with your spatula into a pancake shape. Once that side is a golden brown, flip back over to allow the original side to finish up. It is done when both sides are a light to golden brown, and the batter inside is no longer wet.

6. Make sure to oil the empty pan before you put your next batter batch in and start again! I got 16-20 little pancakes from this amount of batter. I was in the kitchen awhile…

That’s it! Seriously one of the easiest things. I ate mine with maple syrup. Husband ate his with hot sauce. I froze the rest in tin foil to be pulled out on a lazy kitchen day. One of the best parts is how creative you can be with these. Throw in mushrooms or some kale. Add or takeaway whatever you like, except the cheese. The melted, gooey cheesy center makes for a fantastic bite.

Hope you enjoy! What do you do with your holidays leftovers?

1 thought on “The Easiest Leftover Mashed Potato Pancakes

  1. Sounds good I’ll give it a try

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