Dream Big

Do you ever sit down and have one of those moments it’s like a eureka moment? Like all of a sudden you realize all those subconscious thoughts that you may have been having formulate into an actual dream and that dream formulate into an actual attainable goal.

It’s always a good time to look inward and assess where we are and where we’re going. And sometimes you realize that all of these ideas that you have for all these yearly goals that you have lead up to something. I was watching a YouTube video of Joel Salatin this morning, and he talked about never having burn out. Now we don’t for farm full-time and we don’t rely on it for full-time income, but I imagine if you did and you had that pressure that burnout could be a very real thing. Joel suggested that maybe your dreams were too small. Your goals were too little, if you were experiencing burn out.

We have big dreams. There’s this meme that I like, so much so that I put it on a calendar before. It says have dream so big, you’re uncomfortable telling them to other people. We don’t tell our big dreams to anybody. Will tell snippets but overall we keep them to ourselves.

We slowly work on them. We embrace the chapter that we’re in. We do what we can. But, those big dreams are always there.

Joel said in his video that if you have a purpose that is noble and sacred that it’s impossible to feel burn out because you’re doing what you’re called to do. I never feel called to write a blog or do a podcast. In fact, I often feel called to turn my phone off and not listen to the nonsense or let it interfere with our lives. But, our little blog and our growing podcast is going to help those big dreams one day and those are worth all the effort. I often get caught up in how are we going to pay for this. We can’t afford ideas this big, but I think back to what Joel said on that video about noble and sacred. None of our big big big goals are for ourselves. It’s for those around us. It’s for my sister with special needs. It’s for our community. It’s for individuals to experience good food, rich soil, and the fun and freedom of personal responsibility.

I’m sure we’re not the only people with big ideas, and we’re not talking like, “I want a big house, a perfect red barn, and a lot of land.” No. We’re talking about the ideas for doing all we can to provide value to others. And, I know we’re not the only people who have no idea how they’re going to afford those ideas, but I do know that when you have faith and a drive and a need to do for others, the pathway creates itself. You just gotta be there and willing to walk it which can often look like a lot of work, self-sacrifice, and a lot of patience. Your big dreams that seem too big are attainable. It may take a lifetime. Your dreams and goals may shift, but don’t let them go.

So, keep walking the path, Friends. If it’s noble and sacred, your pathway is just as important as your destination.

If you’d like to learn more about our BIG dream or to contribute, please visit here >> https://www.givesendgo.com/rachaelsfarmandgardens.

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