Our Little Waterfront Cottage

This post differs from the norm in that it doesn’t feature anything related to homesteading. If you’ve been following this blog since way back when in 2016 it was called Wymberly Impressions and was a diy-ish blog, then you may remember a little waterfront cabin/cottage that my great-uncle passed to my mother. After using the rest of her inheritance from him and my aunt to fix the place up, she decided she didn’t really want this little cottage of seemingly neverending problems… So, we bought it from her.

I had helped her with picking out the finishes, but since we had just bought our homestead and were deep in its renovation and set-up, she hired a general contractor to do the work here. I look back at the old pictures and realize how many little treasures I let slip away like whole sets of cast iron, a quirky kitchen chandelier, and some lovely natural artwork, but so it goes when you have three renovations (our new home, our old home, and our Athens apartment) of your own going and managing this one from afar. So finally, after 6 years, here is our waterfront cottage reveal.



Please follow this link for the most updated pictures: https://airbnb.com/h/blackbeardcreekcottage

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