Gold & White: Small Chest Transformation

PicMonkey Collage

The Why

I don’t know about you, but I have been on a metallic kick lately. My house is decorated in soothing, coastal tones with burlap accents here and there. It’s very calming, but when it came to decorating my new office space, I was ready for some contrast.

I decided to go the stark white with muted blacks & metallic accents route. This little chest is going to house all the small office supplies, and although I know there are file cabinets or shelving units designed for such things, I just couldn’t stand the thought of them.

I normally stray far far away from modern elements. These clean lines disrupt my organic design in my mind, but for this office, I’ve been striving to get out of my coastal, rustic themed box. When I saw this hideous brown chest at an auction, I snatched it up for $25.00. It’s very well made, I believe of cedar. Sturdy and oh so heavy.

The How

I sanded the piece and rolled on 4 coats of white enamel with a foam roller. I didn’t want it to have the brush strokes or a painterly quality. I was going for the very uniformed look. I then put on a couple coats of varnish to give it even more of a shine. Now the gold part took three coats and an extra trip to Hobby Lobby but was ever so simple. I used an 18-k gold paint pen. I ran out of my first one mid-project hence the excursion to Hobby Lobby on a Saturday. I’m very pleased with how it’s turned out, and it looks stupendous next to my black, wooden desk that my husband made me! I’ll put up more pictures as the office comes along!


I think the cowhide rug on top of the white shag rug combined with the reupholstered chairs pull the entire look off! I’m so in love with these gold leather and cheetah print chairs! 10276981_1012030745477221_1371624495778088944_n

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