Our Next BIG Project: The Dock House

Our dear Uncle Tony passed away a full year ago on January 29. He and his beloved wife were unable to have children, but they had many adventures. One of these adventures was a little one acre lot they bought in 1963 on the water in McIntosh County. They spent the next 10 years turning an existing car port into a little cottage. It’s a tiny home before the tiny home movement became a thing!

We have finally gotten his estate settled, and this tiny home on the water has fallen into our hands. Uncle Tony and Aunt Kitty were elderly, and the home hasn’t been touched in quite some time. There are broken windows, LOTS of bugs and a whole lot of work to be done. We’ll post some pictures of its current state, but be forewarned- it’s scary!

This link goes to our inspiration Pinterest board for what we’ve affectionally deemed, “The Dock House.” https://www.pinterest.com/kira101089/dock-life/

It’s been recommended that we tear ‘the inhabitable shack’ down and build anew. We can’t even entertain the idea. Uncle Tony & Aunt Kitty built this little cottage with their own two hands. We feel like we’ll be honoring them and continuing on the adventures they had while there- crabbing, fishing, playing in the river- spending quality time together.

We’re excited (and just a tad nervous) to take on this project and hope you’ll follow along with us!16143297_1555563537790603_5819452624338769704_n.jpg16265276_1555565597790397_2488953723778251385_n.jpg16195246_1555565324457091_2228686766169720972_n.jpg

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