Our Mix-The-Old-In-With-The-New Guest Bathroom

Our Mix-The-Old-In-With-The-New Guest Bathroom - The Homestead Kings
With so many doors in the tiny hallway, we needed to clarify which was the bathroom, and this vintage replica cast iron sign is adorable.

Our home was built in the 1950s. Because of this we were so excited to see its original character at the first viewing but quickly realized that it had been updated in the early 80s. The only real character left from the 1950s was a cute, little built-in linen closet in the hallway. When it came to renovating the guest bathroom, we chose to add the vintage character in.

Our Mix-The-Old-In-With-The-New Guest Bathroom - The Homestead Kings

The bathroom really was a group effort. Right off the bat, demo revealed we had some large hurdles to jump. Behind the shower’s tiles were concrete and stucco netting or whatever you call that thick wire netting. It was a demolition nightmare. Thankfully we had help from some guys Husband knew and hired to assist us with the heavy work around the reno.

Our Mix-The-Old-In-With-The-New Guest Bathroom - The Homestead Kings
I learned how to tape and mortar the seams. Easy way for us to contribute to a bathroom reno ladies.
Note the beer on what Husband calls the “Beer Shelf.”

It was important to us that we take the home back to its roots. We don’t know for sure what floor tile was in the bathroom during its infancy, but I chose this octagon black and white tile because it’s charming and timeless. [ Disclaimer: With four dogs and three cats, I’ll admit it is hard to keep clean because it shows every hair and speck of dirt. ]

I painted the RedGard on. Watching it go from Pepto Pink to this deep red as it dried was a little more entertaining than it should have been. We put two coats just to make sure it stays waterproof.
Our helper guys helped us lay all this tile. That was a job. Subway tile is cheap, but it’s small and takes time. I grouted two out of the three walls. Husband stepped in and finished when I thought my right arm was going to fall off.

When it came to the shower, we wanted to carry on that classic black and white theme. I really like color so this was a hard decision, but when you accent black and white with colors, magical things happen. Our Mix-The-Old-In-With-The-New Guest Bathroom - The Homestead Kings

This sink came from a local antique store. I got it for $100.00 and had to order new faucets that were also $100.00, so all-in, this pedestal sink came out to $200.00. Not bad for a cast iron sink that weighs a million pounds and is functioning. We sanded it down with very fine sandpaper to get off any flakey rust spots. It still shows some rust, but one day we will refinish it and really clean it up. For now, I like the imperfections, especially paired with the new bronze faucets and antique mirror that was my Aunt Sara’s childhood dresser mirror. Mix The Old In With The New In A Bathroom- The Homestead Kings

Husband wrapped the lower half of the walls in board and batten. We painted it a stark white to contrast with the navy walls and black and white tile. Mix The Old In With The New In A Bathroom- The Homestead Kings

The burlap shower curtain came from Ballard Designs and was a wedding gift to us. Don’t you just love the fringe on the bottom!?  (You can find it here.) The little wire shelf is the just the right amount of rustic and matches nicely with a similar coat hanger that’s behind the door used for towels.

I’m in love with this mesh of the old with the new. If you didn’t know any better, you would think this bathroom came straight from 1950. One of our plumbers actually didn’t believe me when I told him the whole bathroom was brand new. The antique sink and mirror combined with the new, clean black and white tiles and the natural tones of the burlap shower and wood and metal shelves makes my heart skip a beat. Overreaction for a guest bathroom? Maybe, but it’s all just so perfect. What do you think about meshing the old in with the new?

2 thoughts on “Our Mix-The-Old-In-With-The-New Guest Bathroom

  1. Nicely done! That’s a bummer about the 80s reno. Our condo was built in ‘81, and I feel like I’ve been trying to rescue it from that decade for the last four years 😩

    1. Haha I hear ya! It likes to stick around in all the wrong places.

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