Cool Off This Summer for Under $60

Y’all, if you’ve ever been to Savannah, then you know it gets hot. I mean like walk-outside-to-check-the-mail-and-your-shirt-gets-drenched-with-sweat-within-seconds hot. This extreme heat typically starts in late April and goes sometimes all the way until December. On the homestead, the show must go on. We still have projects to check off the list and animals and the garden to tend to. But, it just gets so hot.

The Problem

I’ve heard from many people that an in-ground pool is more of a nuisance than it’s worth, but I know we’d put one in if we could, just to cool off. We’ve tried large above-ground pools before. They’re bulky, hard to clean and nothing special to look at it. I researched making a small pool out of a metal water trough, but they only come 2 ft high. So last summer, I was at wit’s end by the end of May. Something had to be done. It was too hot. I found this…

The Solution

Cool Off This Summer for Under $60 - The Homestead Kings

That’s right. A temporary inflatable above ground pool. This one to be exact.

Intex 28111EH 8ft X 30in Easy Set Pool Set with Filter Pump

I’ve found that the price varies from $45-$60. It comes with a filter pump, so your pool doesn’t become a mosquito breeding ground.

We used a little chlorine float

and chlorine tablets


and our pool stayed squeaky clean all summer.

The Why

That’s the beauty of this little pool. You fill it up one time. No wasting water. No having to dump out nasty water. The pump is manual, so I turned it on during the day and off at night. It barely added any extra to our electricity bill. The pool is bright blue, so it doesn’t fit the “cute” bill that a metal water trough would, but it’s so much easier to handle. We literally blew up the top ring, filled it with water and connected the pump. Viola. Your own personal soaking pool for summer. The best part is that it’s so cheap that at the end of the season, we just threw it away. So, if you’re like us and just need a quick, easy solution to cool off after daily chores, I highly recommend this little pool!

Cool Off This Summer for Under $60 - The Homestead Kings

Just an FYI
  • We made sure our dogs knew not to jump up on the top air ring. At the end of summer, I did let them jump in, and it popped immediately. So, I would be cautious about that.
  • You have to put this pool on level ground in order for the water weight to be evenly distributed and for it to actually work.
  • We ordered the 8 ft pool last year. It was great for the two of us until I wanted to use a float. Then Husband had trouble fitting in the pool with me. Whoops… so we might go up to the 10 or 12 ft this year.
  • I am in no way affiliated with Intex. I just really liked this affordable solution to beating the summer heat. Those links are a part of the Amazon affiliate program. You can read more about that in our footer area if you’re interested.

2 thoughts on “Cool Off This Summer for Under $60

  1. The Suburban Country Wife April 10, 2018 — 1:06 am

    I’ve had a couple of these I purchased at Aldi for $40. Nice pools for the price. But, we could never get them level enough and would always be But, it still did the job.

    1. Oh wow! I wish we had an Aldi. I had no idea they carried those kinds of things. It’s all about the cooling down. 😆

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