Mind Your Manners

I have some very exciting news! We have a new guest blogger for our little homestead blog. They would like to remain anonymous which is fine by me! We will call them Mind Your Manners. Mind Your Manners is going to write us a series of short articles on politeness and etiquette, two things this world we live in could use a little more of. Some topics you will be very familiar with. Others will be more complex. I am so excited to introduce to you Mind Your Manners: 

Mind Your Manners- The Homestead Kings

Mind Your Manners

Mind your manners is an old Southern expression that was the direction given to all children as they left their parents for a bit. It simply means- behave. You were responsible for your own self governance. You represented your parents, your faith and your family name. So, you put your best foot forward then and still should today. Show what you are made of and why. It will prove you have home training and you were not reared by wolves.

Manners are a slice of a way of life that is prematurely fading away. They show that you are aware of how you are received. They distinguish you from others and make good, lasting impressions.

Manners are dying in modern America. Let us start a resurrection of the art of manners and gracious living.

Article written by guest writer & anonymous author, Mind Your Manners

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