Change The Way You Look at Weight Loss

You may have already seen that I lost 27 lbs last year in less than 6 months. [ seen here ] It was a personal decision on my and Husband’s part. We wanted to give our bodies the optimal, clean diet. We weren’t looking for accolades. We weren’t looking for praise. We honestly never thought about others during our decision to change our eating habits because… why would we?

Change The Way You Look At Weight Loss- The Homestead Kings

It wasn’t until people started ranting and raving over our weight loss that I realized there was such a stigma on weight loss. This stigma that life is suddenly better when you lose weight. You’ll be happier if you lose weight. More people will like you if you lose weight. Everything will be fixed if you just lose weight. Your weight is the reason you’re unhappy with your [fill in the blank]. I know people who noticed our drop in weight were just being kind by telling us how great we looked, but…

Change The Way You Look At Weight Loss- The Homestead Kings

Let me make something very clear. Thirty pounds ago, I was the same exact person that I am now. Husband was the same person too. Thirty pounds ago, we were still living our homestead dreams and all those in between. Just because we lost weight doesn’t mean some magical transformation happened to make life “better.” Our lives were already great. Losing weight didn’t affect that whatsoever. Are we physically able to be more productive in a weekend? Yes. Do we have energy all day every day now? Yes. But, our mentalities didn’t change. We literally just starting eating better which resulted in weight loss. My mom said once during this transformation how proud she was of me. Proud? Why would you be proud of me eating better? I asked. I had to think on that. Socially, that’s what is expected. Weight loss is supposed to equal: struggle, strength, pride, hardship and all the synonyms in between.

Change The Way You Look At Weight Loss- The Homestead Kings
I saw this meme on pinterest & loved it! Don’t know who the source is, but thanks for the great reminder!

Yeah, getting a grilled chicken sandwich instead of a fried one at Chick-fil-a is a hard decision, but passed that, weight loss isn’t some mythical thing. You set a goal. You work on the daily objectives to reach that goal. As long as you stick to your objectives day in and day out, you reach your goal. It’s pretty straightforward. Change the way you look at weight loss. Don’t let your mental state be tied to the number on your scale because if you do, even when you reach your goal weight, you won’t be happy. You’ll keep beating yourself up, and for what?

6 thoughts on “Change The Way You Look at Weight Loss

  1. SPOT ON! Thank you for this refreshing perspective. Well stated. 🙌🏼

  2. well said!

  3. The Suburban Homestead|Her April 21, 2018 — 10:20 pm

    I agree with all this! Very well put!

  4. The Suburban Homestead|Her April 21, 2018 — 10:23 pm

    People that I have known that are on a weight loss journey become obsessed with it! And then, they start judging you on what you eat and everything. So, it very refreshing to know that you you two have remained the same person as when you started out.

    1. Yeah… I don’t know why people do that. I only wrote an article about our weight loss because like 20 people asked me what we did and I got tired of repeating myself! It all differs per person anyway. No need to force one plan on others!

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