Three Simple Ways To Implement Manners In Your Every Day

Article written by guest writer & anonymous author, Mind Your Manners

Manners are dying in modern America. Let us start a resurrection of the art of manners and gracious living.

Here are three ways you can easily add manners to your every day life.


Say Please & Thank You, Often

Are you requesting something of someone? Say please. Did you receive a pleasantry, item or compliment from someone? Respond with thank you.

Offer A Polite Greeting

Polite greetings should not only be reserved for friends and family. You should also extend a polite greeting to strangers when appropriate. Your greeting can be short and sweet.

  • Hello!
  • Lovely day!
  • How are you?
  • Have a great day!

Open The Door

Opening the door for someone is not just a task assigned to men although when it comes to ladies, men should always open the door for a lady, no matter their age. Doors should also be held open for the elderly and for children.

These are extremely easy things to do and can effortlessly be added to your every day life. All of these actions take mere seconds to do, and people truly appreciate being greeted properly, having the door held for them and hearing please and thank you.

Article written by guest writer & anonymous author, Mind Your Manners.

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