How To Be The Best Groom On Wedding Day

Article written by guest writer & anonymous author, Mind Your Manners.

The big day is here. It’s finally arrived. Whether you’re the bride, groom, groomsmen, parents or parents who have children in the wedding, this day is meaningful and important. I wrote this guideline for how to be your best on wedding day many years ago, but it is still relevant today. It’s the little details that make a wedding day nearly perfect. This will be a five part series. Today, we’ll focus on how to be the best groom on wedding day.


Be as charming as possible all day long and into the night.

  • Write a note or card to your bride. Send it to her via bridesmaids or a parent. This will be treasured always.
  • Arrive at the ceremony site dressed and ready for photos.
  • Do not drink too much. You will not be able to hide it if you are intoxicated.
  • Do not embarrass the bride and your families. You’re surrounded by your closest friends so it’s easy to cut up, but be mindful of why you are all there.
  • Thank all of your attendants with a handshake and kind words.
  • Dance with your bride and then others when she is unavailable.
  • If you are not too shy, give an eloquent toast to your bride, her parents and your parents.
  • Be sure to thank all of your guests.
  • If you smoke, limit your smoking and smoke only in designated places.
  • Have breathe mints on you all day.

This is by no means an extensive list, but if you keep these in mind on your wedding day, you’re well on your way to being the best groom. 😉

Article written by guest writer & anonymous author, Mind Your Manners.

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