How to Dehydrate Grapefruits

I feel silly writing this post because when you have a dehydrator, this really is too easy. However, I tried googling to double check myself before this little project so I may as well send my results out to the google too.

How to Dehydrate Grapefruits- The Homestead Kings

A few years back, we bought a dehydrator. This Nesco FD-75A Snackmaster Pro Food Dehydrator, White – MADE IN USA to be exact. It’s affordable and has been a game changer in terms of us keeping food that would have otherwise gone bad. I recently wrote another post about how to make grapefruit vodka. From that you may know that our neighbor generously shared around 50 grapefruits with us from her backyard tree. What to do with all those grapefruits!

We have done many things actually aside from straight eating them. One was dehydrating them, and I am pleased to tell you that they turned out like tart candies. Better than I thought!

We sliced up as many grapefruits as would fit on the dehydrator trays. The tricky part is you have to slice them very thin so that all the moisture is able to be extracted in the dehydrator. We made the mistake of having a few too largely sliced, and if we hadn’t eaten them quick, they would have gone bad and wasted quick. Put your dehydrator to 135 degrees for 12-15 hours. Check on them a few times throughout, and if you notice not all the slices are dehydrating, the bottom racks may need to be switched up to the top.

How to Dehydrate Grapefruits- The Homestead Kings

They will look glossy and textured when done. We left the dehydrator on all night and were able to enjoy our spoils for breakfast. They’re the perfect little snacks and a lovely, tart crunch. For long term, they would probably need to be stored in jars with a sealed lid, but these goodies don’t last long around here so we just threw them in some ziploc bags to tote around with us.

How to Dehydrate Grapefruits- The Homestead Kings

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