Why You Need A Couples Life-Calendar

“Hey babe, don’t forget we have a [insert event] this weekend?”

“A(an) [event]!? Whose? We can’t go. I wanted to [insert project] this weekend.”

“I told you about it last week. Don’t you remember?”

Why You Need A Couples Life-Calendar

Ever had a conversation like this with your spouse? We sure have. We both used to tell each other dates and times of things while we were in the middle of work or feeding or dinner. Typically, it goes in one ear and out the other. Then the time comes for the event, and we’re caught completely off guard. How can that already be here? When did you tell me that? It took us four years of marriage to finally smarten up. We made a life-calendar.

Where? On google of course. We both have gmail accounts that link to our phone. You can create a shared calendar with your email addresses that only you two have access to. When we get a save the date or invitation in the mail, I add it to the life-calendar. When one of us has to travel, we add it to the life-calendar. When we schedule a vacation, it’s added to the life-calendar with reservation number and check-in details. When one of us has a meeting and can’t feed our normal feed shift, we add it to the life calendar with an alert to make sure the other one covers it. It’s literally named Life-Calendar because you know, it’s life. We of course still mention upcoming things in conversation, but we don’t have to make a mental note of it and attempt to remember it. I want to know something, I check the life-calendar before I call or text husband to ask about it. I still use a paper planner for my stuff because I like to doodle in it and cross things off, but for us, as a couple, the life-calendar has been a game changer.

Reasons Why You Need A Couple’s Life-Calendar Recap

  1. It’s efficient.
  2. It cuts out unnecessary frustration between you and your spouse.
  3. It’s an effective avenue of communication.
  4. It organizes your events and details into a nice format.
  5. It can always be double checked without bothering your spouse or trying to remember.

No more I just told you last week. No more don’t you remember. We don’t even have kids yet, and it’s come in handy. In a world inundated by information, you might as well be organized and tackle it together.

2 thoughts on “Why You Need A Couples Life-Calendar

  1. Another use: making sure you plan couple’s time! Now that we have children, we don’t get enough of “just us” time. I have toyed with the idea of a calendar just to make sure we set aside enough time for ourselves!

    1. Great idea! It’s so important to stay organized and connected through the hustle and bustle of homesteading.

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