How To Track Your Weight With A Positive Attitude

Whether you’re trying to lose weight, gain weight or stay even, tracking your poundage can be a pain. It never seems consistent unless of course it is when you’re trying to make the number change. To many, it’s a very, private matter. It can be discouraging or worse, avoided altogether. Where should you keep track of it where it can be private but also in your view daily? You could try using your phone, but I prefer something a little more visual. A small white board. Keep it somewhere, anywhere in your master bathroom if you have one, and no one has to see or know what your magic number and current numbers are, except your spouse or significant other, which can be a good thing.

[ I ordered this one Board Dudes Metalix Magnetic Dry Erase Board 8.5 x 11 Inches (DDT37) ]

Let me tell you why I laid out my tracking rubric like this. Does this tracking rubric help you stay positive in the face of your daily weight? 100%. You see how far you’ve gone and how far you still have to go. Don’t document your starting number because we shouldn’t focus on that number. That’s the number we’re trying to leave behind. Your weight changes daily, but when you hit a new record low, even if it’s not your goal yet, it’s something to commemorate! Put it on the white board. The next time you hit a new, record low, get excited and update the number! Why are their two goal weights? Because you don’t have to move a mountain as your first goal. Break it up into two, even three, segments. When you reach the first goal, check it off and leave it on the board. Look what you’ve accomplished! Nothing’s stopping you from trekking on to reach goal #2.
( Making realistic goal weights for your body is imperative. If you’re unsure where you should be, consult your doctor for advice. )


Weigh yourself every morning right after your first bladder relief (nice way of saying after you pee). That’s supposed to be when you’re at your prime weight for the day. If your weight starts heading in the wrong direction, think about it and figure out why. Stop whatever the cause is. You’ll see the subtle change in the numbers as soon as it happens so you can head off whatever the reason is before it becomes a more significant problem. Make sure weighing yourself doesn’t become an obsession. Instead, let it be your daily morning routine no matter what the scale says! It’s a game with only one player, you, a game that can be played and won. If your spouse or significant other wants to play too, let them encourage you on or help you figure out where you slipped up. Ultimately, you’re holding yourself accountable on a daily basis. It may sound scary, but’s actually quite rewarding. Get yourself a little white board and have fun!

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